Abstract guidelines and submission


Session Types

There will be different presentation types at the 14th LCA Food. Please, be aware that the guidelines for abstract submission are different for discussion sessions and for oral-and-poster sessions, as stated in the presentation guidelines.

Oral and poster presentation sessions:

4 tracks for parallel sessions. There will be two different types of parallel sessions, namely “industry” labelled, and “academy-&-industry” labelled (i.e., for all). The topics presented in each type of session will differ, as listed in the list of topics.

  • Industry labelled: parallel sessions offering a platform for companies to explain their uses of LCA and sustainability assessment projects and results. These sessions are open to presentations from all, but we will give priority to abstracts from industry as long as they meet the same scientific standards.

Abstracts selected for oral presentations within the industry labelled sessions will be given entirely or at least partially (e.g. 50 industry – 50 academy) by a (co)-author from the industry.    

  • Academy & industry labelled: parallel sessions open to abstracts from all, regardless of the affiliation of the main author.

Abstracts selected for an oral platform within these sessions can be given by any (co)author of the abstract (with a limitation of two presentations per person).

Discussion sessions:

Parallel, oral sessions that aim at giving room to discuss controversial, crosscutting, long-debated themes, as well as needs from industry and/or academy. Authors are free to choose their own topic. The structure of these sessions is flexible and can be tailored to the specific requirements of the topic under debate.


All the authors that successfully submitted an abstract to the conference should have received an “abstract notification” acceptance/rejection e-mail on May 3, 2024. If you did not get any abstract notification, please contactsecretary@lcafood2024.com

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